Make your kitchen safe with our HACCP food plan app

Instantly track everything

Catering Cloud is available 24/7 meaning you can track and log everything as you go on a range of mobile devices. No more spending hours at the end of the day trying to remember what you did when.

No more paper audits

Do away with piles of HACCP Compliance paper records you can’t keep track of by storing everything in the cloud using mobile applications. Move to a paperless HACCP system with our cost-effective app, Catering Cloud.

Accurate record keeping

Everything is date and time logged as you enter it. This means you can see exactly what was done, when and by who. Accurate record keeping within your management system allows you to take necessary corrective actions to keep food safe.

Keep HACCP compliant

Thousands of businesses a year get pulled up for improper HACCP paperwork and record keeping around critical control points. This results in lower ratings and can lead to fines of up to £10,000.

What’s included?


24/7 access to your system

Our app works on a 24-hour cycle and offers real-time information. All of your prep and work during the day can be entered as you go to save you time.


Data safely stored

Your data is stored on cloud based and can be downloaded to a PDF to fit with your own processes.


Add your suppliers

Our “add your suppliers” feature allows you to store, collect and manage the information needed to do business with your suppliers, and link through to their online ordering system at a touch of a button (separate log in required).


Manage your team

Add multiple team members so everyone is doing their bit to help you keep organised and working towards food safety management.


Advice at the touch of a button

All of our apps come pre-installed with the “Safer Food Better Business” software, so if you need advice it is available to you at a touch of a button.


Make it personal

We offer a white label service where you can customise the look of the app, keeping your brand at the forefront as your team help you stay on top.

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